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We offer best-in-class analytics and change management know-how to make measurable improvements.

We then build your internal capacity to sustain and scale these improvements.

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You are a busy, savvy leader who gets things done ... you just wish it didn’t have to be so hard


You believe in improving yourself and your organization and working on the things that matter most


You don’t let the past get in the way of building solutions for the future

This is AnalysisWorks


We exist to make Canadian healthcare operations measurably better


We are always innovating to better serve our customers



We do our best work with leaders who are passionate about making positive change happen


The AnalysisWorks team and our network of innovators

are here to help you


We’ve learned a lot about the challenges and complexities of the Canadian healthcare industry in our 18 years of business

Physicians, nurses, managers, directors and executives consistently tell us “you really get us

Our partnership approach with our clients has been a secret of our success


We are Canada’s biggest healthcare analytics company

We are one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies (2015, 2018, 2019) almost exclusively through referrals


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Leaders today are increasingly expected to do more with less, all the while not having the data and information they need to be successful. We give you the tools you need to maximize the effectiveness of your organization.


Proven tools for hospital operations management light-house.ca

Actionable Analytics

Pulling together the stories that matter from imperfect and disparate data

Cost Sustainability

Connecting the dots that matter between costs, activity and quality

Resource Allocation

Evidence-based frameworks to align hospital resources with patient needs and quantify capacity requirements


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Growth 500

AnalysisWorks recognized as one of Canada's Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies in 2018

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AnalysisWorks recognized as one of Vancouver's Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in 2018

Profit 200

AnalysisWorks recognized as one of Canada's Top 200 Fastest Growing Companies

Top 40 Under 40

Jason Goto was recognized as one of Canada's top 40 under 40


Our commitment to you

We want you to be successful and we only pursue projects that will result in a tangible win

We work with you in partnership by combining our specialized expertise with your deep experience

We take pride in offering great value for dollar

We know you’re busy and we ensure all of our interactions are efficient and engaging

We’re committed to making a difference




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Have a conversation with us so that we can understand what you do and don’t want. Together we start shaping how we can help you best.



Step 2:

Choose an option



We then prepare a work plan with some options. You choose which option works best for you. Together we navigate the procurement process.



Step 3:

Get started



At project kick-off we crystalize the “must have” outcomes for project success and form the teams. Within 2 weeks we’ll be showing you the first opportunities.



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